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LA Freight Consultants helps Southern California Importers and Exporters resolve their logistics challenges with freight forwarders, carriers and offshore supply chain vendors and service providers.

Exporting From Southern California:
Optimize service performance to make certain your product is being delivered competitively to offshore customers.

  • Benchmark existing service in days and hours to take advantage of fastest transportation service to customers and markets.
  • Understand the impact of weekends that improve or deter service performance and delivery commitments.
  • The importance and need for fast transport quotes to "beat the competition" and "close the sale".
  • Resolve transport disputes quickly thereby eliminating the need for legal actions.

 Importing To Southern California:
"Front End" the transport process to drive superior service.

  • Ensure transport instructions are embedded with suppliers to maximize delivery performance.
  • Coordinate vendor requirements with designated freight forwarders and import brokers.
  • Establish predictable transport expectations and measure performance for Continuous Quality Performance.
  • Establish import rate analysis tools to deal with confusing foreign currency pricing impacting transport charges, import brokerage fees and customs duties.

 Transportation Audit
Optimize your cost versus service performance.

  • Accurately analyze transport charges to insure product is delivered to customers/markets at the lowest practical cost.
  • Ensure service selection is producing a service to benefit the customer.;

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